G a r d e n - S e r v i c e - P a c k s
Garden maintenance:
  • This pack is always adjustable, because every garden is different in size and use and requires another maintenance. By the way, a garden can only be maintained with the available equipments. For an hourly rate of Ä 20,=

    These are more or less the possibilities. The price will be made accordingly*.

    • Mowing the lawn with the lawnmower.
    • Mowing the borders with the 'debrouissailleuse'.
    • Pruning the trees and trimming the bushes.
    • Fertilizing the garden.
    • Treating the fruit trees against nuisances.
    • Watering the garden.
    • Preparing the garden for the winter.
    • Preparing the garden for the summer.
    • Freeing the terrace around the house of nuisances.

    *) We donít charge travel cost within a range of 5 km. Above 5 km, we charge Ä 0,25 per driven km.
Swimming pool maintenance:
  • Will always be a complete pack. Depending upon the state of the pool, the maintenance will be cost more or less time and money.

    • Weekly control on Ph.- en Cl.-values and adjusting these when necessary.
    • Weekly vacuum cleaning of the bottom of the pool.
    • Weekly cleaning of the skimmers.
    • Monthly cleaning of the paper filter(s).
    • In Autumn: the winter cleaning and putting the deck upon the pool. After that the pump will be disconnected.
    • In Spring: opening the deck , cleaning the pool en starting it up. Starting up the pump.
    • Depending upon the summer temperature setting the pump.
    • In the winter, at temperatures beneath zero, the pool will be checked on freezing.

    • Cleaning the terrace around the pool of nuisances.
    • Before the arrival of the owners/tenants: placing the garden furniture around the pool, installing the outside-douche, etc.

    Price: between Ä 100 and Ä 150,= per month (depending upon the size of the pool), materials not included. Travel costs not included*.
    *)We donít charge travel cost within a range of 5 km. Above 5 km, we charge Ä 0,25 per driven km.