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What happens to the information you provide to me?

In general:
Concerning the new European law on privacy (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), you have the right to know what a company does with the information you provide. A register must be kept. You must also be informed about the careful storage and protection of your records. It must be reported how long your data will be retained. You also have the right to view your file and to be 'forgotten', that is, after you have terminated the agreement you have the opportunity to request that your file be destroyed.

What does that mean for my enterprise:
During our first contact, we discuss which activities I can perform for you. Of course, I know where your holiday home is located. And in most cases you give me a key to your house. I keep these in a locked safe in my home. I will not hand over your key to anyone other than yourself, unless you ask me to do so. Often I also ask you the coordinates of your insurance company so that I can contact them in case of damage to your house to deal with it. This always happens after I have reported to you what the damage is and that I will take action. To maintain contact while you are not in the house and I work there, I have your email address and in some cases your home address. This way I can also send you pictures of work done. And if necessary, also the letters that you need to have. Your personal (name and address) data will not be provided by me to third parties, unless with your permission in advance. And this will never be for advertising purposes, but will always be in your favour. This also applies to insurers, tax advisors, bailiffs, and workmen. I only take postal items that I find in your house or mail box to my house to scan them and send them to you. In all other circumstances they remain in your house, unless there are reasons why it is not desirable (long-term vacancy, dampness, etc.).
Your data will be destroyed as soon as our agreement ends.

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