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By our own experience we know that life here goes on, even when you're not around. If you let us inspect your house weekly or monthly, we can act fast if there is, for instance, leakage or when wasps are making a nest in your house or behind your panels. We also ventilate your home which keeps moisture at bay. Facilities will be checked and if you have a mailbox, we can empty it. If we suspect some mail to be very important, we can send it to your primary address.

We are happy to do small maintenance jobs (like painting), as well, if you require. We will also advise you if we think langer jobs are needed and we can help to obtain a range of quotes from builders or plumbers/electricians. We can also supervise them to ensure that the work is carried out properly.

A house also gets dirty when you're not there.Its nice to dream about holidays, but who wants to dream about cleaning! And a house gets even more dirty if you haven't been there for a couple of months. We can clean your house intensively on a regular base, so when you arrive, you can do what holidays are for: Enjoying life!

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